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Terre di Cocomo. Agricultural activity and our crops

We love this land, which has become an inspiration for our life.

We tend to this beautiful farm, made up of steep olive groves, terraced vineyards and woods, making sure to consider biodiversity and the landscape.

Our Farm was conceived from the desire to combine hospitality and the production of good, wholesome and ethically-produced food. Our organic products are of the highest quality, grown with biodynamic methods and cycles in compliance with the rules of good agriculture.

Good, wholesome and ethically-produced

We comply with the three key points of the philosophy of SLOW FOOD, the world association of producers of the land to which we adhere with conviction and which we promote with our activities.

Il Manifesto Slow Food  

  • terre di cocomo farm

We have two olive groves, one in Buggiano and one on the slopes of Montecatini Alto, for a total of about 1,500 trees. We have three main varieties of olive trees - Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo - from which we harvest the fruits for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The olive groves

February is the month when pruning, achieved by employing thinning cuts, is carried out. This can vary according to the years and the conditions of the plants. Before the summer, the olive grove is cleaned up and the grass is mowed.

October is the month of harvest, a yearly ritual, a cheerful tradition and a party for everyone. Extra virgin olive oil is the most precious product that this land can offer.

Sorana Beans

In Sorana, along the gravel bed of the Pescia river (from which the city takes its name), we own a plot of land where we grow these fantastic legumes and it is all done by hand. This tradition has been passed on, starting with our great-grandmother Erminda who lived in a chestnut smokehouse along the river and cultivated these beans for family consumption.

Given the small size and the position of the plot of land where our beans are grown, all the phases from sowing to growing and harvesting of the beans are carried out by hand. Moreover, thanks to the particular microclimate of this area and to a careful working of the soil according to the biodynamic method with the cultivation of winter green manures for soil enrichment, we are able to extract all the potentiality of this particular bean in order to attain a high quality product.

  •  Sorana bean harvest
  • sorana bean
  • Sorana bean harvest
  • sack of sorana beans
  •  the sorana bean crops

    Terre di Còcomo is a producer member of the “ Il Ghiareto Association”, founded in 1999 for the endorsement of the Sorana bean and its protection. The Sorana bean is an Italian food and wine excellence, a Slow Food Presidia, protected by the European IGP mark as a guarantee of quality and origin.

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    We maintain and care for an apiary made up of 10 beehives.

    The bees, which are constantly threatened by pollution, uncontrolled pathogens and new diseases due to human activity and globalization that does not allow adequate time for acclimatization, have been declared by the Earthwatch Institute "The most important living beings for the continuation of life on Planet Earth”.

    Besides, their precious work repays our commitment with the production of honey obtained from various inflorescences during the spring and summer season.

    The vineyards

    We have two small vineyards. In March 2019 we planted a "heroic vineyard" on some terraces of the farm where we grow Malvasia Nera, a vine that was once quite widespread in these areas and then, after the war, when these rural areas were abandoned, it was lost. The vineyard will bear its first fruits in 2021 and by 2022, we should have the first production ready to be bottled.

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    • UVA da le vigne terre di cocomo

    Meanwhile, on a small farm at the foot of Montecatini Alto, we are growing a small vineyard that produces a small production of organic wine, obtained from old vines of San Giovese and some other local varieties called Nomadé.

    • fruits

    Fruits, vegetables and grains

    In the fields of our farm we also grow fruit, vegetables and cereals according to the season. This allows us to have fresh seasonal products for direct sale but above all to meet the food demands of the guests of the farm.

    We preserve part of these products by making dried products, vacuum-packed preserves, jams and marmalades, for consumption the whole year round.


    We also raise farmyard animals that can be seen at our small educational farm. Among these, we raise hens in the open air in order to have fresh and delicious eggs.

    • galline e animali da cortile

    Do you want a special experience?

    Living the countryside and the activities related to it bring well-being.

    We love sharing active experiences with our guests, which is why we plan activities such as the honey extraction of wildflower and chestnut honeys in August, or the olive harvest in autumn.